The Google Guarantee Program was launched in 2018 and since its launch date it continues to get more and more momentum. Just like all great things, they take time. This program is paramount and is impactful to both the consumer and business. However, what you need to know about the Google Guarantee Program is it has altered the environment of advertising. If you’re running a local business, now might be the time to see if the program is right for you and what exactly it can offer.

What Exactly is the Google Guarantee Program?

Essentially, the Google Guarantee program is for businesses to undergo a thorough screening and qualification process, specifically through Local Services Ads. Once you pass their qualifications you will then receive a badge which looks like a white check mark enclosed in a green circle. What this badge means to customers is Google screened an amplitude of information. Such as verification of insurance, licensure check, background check, and even screening reviews to ensure authenticity. When customers see the badge, they can feel more at ease knowing not only has Google done the work to thoroughly verify them, but they’re also protected by Google.

The Advantages Google Guarantee Program Offers to Consumers

As a consumer there has been a handful of times where you need a specific service in your local area, such as a handyman or plumber. However, you might have some reservations because you have never heard anyone you know use them before and you want to make sure they’re providing quality work. With the Google Guarantee program, it provides the best local services who have an outstanding reputation. Benefits of this program for customers, is it offers transparency, quality, and confidence. Nonetheless, let’s just say you hire a local company and afterwards you’re unhappy with the job they’ve done, you can then submit a quick claim to Google. Google will then research the issue at hand and if they find the business to be at fault, you will then be reimbursed the amount of the service.

The Advantage Google Guarantee Program Offers to Local Businesses

The Google Guarantee Program was tailored for local businesses to utilize and made to their advantage. Running a local business, it can be challenging to stand out from the rest and even harder for Google to recognize. With the Google Guarantee program, it increases your chances significantly of coming up on the first page of search results, which means more customers and page views for you. Additionally, this program attracts new customers by helping you pinpoint customers who are on the hunt for local services or products. The Google Guarantee program is a small price to pay for the growth in business you will see unfold.

Allows You to Focus on SEO Strategies

The first step of the Google Guarantee Program is you must get started with Local service ads. Then, once you have passed all necessary screening and requirements you will then receive the Google Guaranteed badge. Now it’s time for you to focus on your Search Engine Marketing as this will help your company level up even more. By working with SEO experts at CloudMellow we can come up with the best strategies to optimize growth. Schedule a call today and let us assist you in growing your digital presence today!