Not only can you use Instagram for personal use, you can also use it to build your business and make money off of postings or ads. Here are a few thoughts we have on how to make money on Instagram, how to navigate Instagram, and the overall statistics of Instagram since the launch of the app: 

How To Make Money on Instagram

Making money on your phone is the norm now. With quarantine in our rear view mirror, the appeal of working remotely is more appealing than ever. To make money off Instagram, you can set up a business profile, where you can build your brand and track analytics. Making an Instagram for your business can help bring foot traffic and clients to your door. You can even start a blog and use Instagram as your media outlet to post your paid ads. From photography to paid advertisements, Instagram can help you make money on whatever business adventure you want to explore. 

Key Statistics and Overview for Instagram

In 2020, it was estimated that Instagram generated close to $24 billion in revenue, 36.9% of Facebook’s total. In 2018, it was estimated that there were 1 billion users on the Instagram app, and now Instagram is estimated to have 1.41 billion users to date. At 140 million users each, Instagram has the biggest markets, statistically speaking, in India and the United States, and over 70% of the users are under the age of 35 years old. 

How to Navigate Instagram

Instagram is a very user-friendly app that makes photo and story sharing easy. You should plan to share content consistently by posting to your story, making a reel, or sharing a post. When you open the app, there will be 5 different tabs at the bottom of your screen. The house icon refers to your feed and there your are able to see what other share, The search icon allows you to look up users, the reel button allows you to view reels from other users, the shopping bag allows you to shop different products that others have shared and posted, and the profile picture takes you to your profile to view what you have posted, your following, and allows you to edit your profile.

Overall, Instagram is a very influential social media platform that allows personal and business accounts to flourish. 

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