A Guide to Analyzing the Performance of Your Instagram Stories

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  • 24 July 2023
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Instagram is a powerful platform frequently used by businesses to help establish their online presence. One of its most hyped features is Stories, and what makes this feature one-of-a-kind is that it allows you to showcase easy-to-consume content that encourages your viewers to engage without taking up too much of their time.

When used the right way, Instagram Stories allow your target audience to stay entertained and updated about your brand, and offer you countless possibilities to increase your engagement, traffic, and sales. To achieve this, you must know how to analyze your Instagram Story analytics, or work with social media marketing services that can help.

The first step to accessing your most valuable insights on Instagram Stories is by simply swiping up on the story you want to analyze. Here, you can see various detailed data, such as the following:

1. Main Instagram Story Metrics

The analytics screen gives you numbers and insights at a quick glance, while the bar chart icon on the left side of the screen gives you a helpful overview of your engagement on the platform. The data includes various terminologies that pertain to the performance of your posts and stories. If you are having a hard time understanding these, it might be helpful to seek out guidance from expert social media marketing services like CloudMellow.

2. Actions Taken

Instagram shows the number of actions taken from your story, including profile visits, swipe-ups, replies, sticker clicks, and more. When someone comments on your story, their replies can be read and responded to in your inbox.

3. Reach

Reach pertains to the number of users viewing your Instagram Stories. This data constantly gets updated every time a person views your story.

4. Impressions

Impressions on Instagram refers to how often your content was seen by the users who viewed your story. Take note that one user can view your Story multiple times, so the number of your impressions are more likely to be higher than the number of your reach.

5. Navigation

Navigation displays how users viewed through your Instagram stories. These include the number of people who clicked “Back,” “Forward,” “Next Story,” and “Exit.”

A great navigation indicator of a good Instagram Story is usually “Back.” This can indicate that users are interested in the story you posted before. On the other hand, those who clicked “Next story” and “Exit” typically means you lost the viewer. However, it does not necessarily mean you have bad or ineffective content.

6. Sticker Taps

Sticker taps is a metric that shows the number of users who clicked on the sticker on your Instagram Story. This is crucial when you are collaborating with a brand. When a user taps on the sticker of your story, it more likely proves the effectiveness of your content.

Seek Out Help from Experts

Knowing how to analyze your Instagram Stories can be an effective way to take advantage of this powerful feature and optimize the way you sell your brand on the platform. To reap its helpful benefits to the fullest, follow the steps mentioned above, and consider hiring top-notch social media marketing services.

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