If you’re selling products on Amazon, it’s extremely important to focus on e-commerce efficiency and optimization. Online product sales on sites like Alibaba and Amazon revolutionized what it means to sell items electronically. One of the most important places to start with making your product sell better should be with your product listing. Your product listing should be optimized to improve product search visibility, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rates, and finally generate more sales. Companies who sell products online should utilize Amazon listing optimization to increase their click-through rates and sales.

Product titles and images are the first things prospective customers will look at to engage with your product. For most categories on Amazon, you are allowed a product title length of 250 characters. The title should give the buyer enough information to decide if they want to continue. Key phrases are vital in ranking your product in Amazon’s search engine. A simple key phrase needs to be included in the beginning 80 characters of the title. Relevance of your key phrases to your product matter just as much as high-search volume keywords.

Tips to remember when creating the title of your listing:

  •         Never use all caps.
  •         Make sure the first letter of each word is Capitalized.
  •         Avoid using Ampersands (&) and other symbols
  •         Numbers should be used as numerals
  •         Avoid including prices and quantity.
  •         Avoid using promotional messages like “discount” or “sale”

Importance of Keywords

It’s extremely important to include relevant keywords on your product page. Researching relevant keywords for your product will make it easier for customers to find your product. Consider adding those keywords in the product title, in back-end keywords, as bullet points in the product description, and in the More Details section of your product listing. When listing a product make sure that you provide all the important information for a buying decision.

Choosing Quality Images 

Amazon allows sellers to include up to nine product images for their listings. It is important to include as many high-quality images as possible (this means scaled 1,000 pixels wide and 500 pixels high). A helpful tip is to demonstrate the size and scale of the product you’re selling. This will allow buyers to make more informed decisions.

The Right Descriptions

Amazon also allows for up to 1,000-character descriptions for your product and its features. You should also emphasize the benefits of the product to the consumer, and how your product’s features help prospective customers. Remember, when presenting information, it should be done in a way that customers can receive it quickly and easily. Keeping your information optimized for mobile viewing is extremely important for customers that use Amazon’s mobile app.

Client Reviews Matter 

After you build a client base, keep in mind your seller reviews. These can be the deciding factor between buyers choosing your product or someone else’s. Making sure that your customer’s reviews are accurate and within Amazon guidelines will help build reliable and correct reviews.

Overall, these tips will ensure a more robust, efficient, and optimized listing to ensure that you’re communicating your product to prospective consumers. This should allow your listing to have enhanced click-through rates and allow your product to rise in rankings on Amazon.