Before launching your product on Amazon, you will need to think of a few different metrics that will come into play when you are using Amazon to sell your product. The most important factors that contribute to the ranking of your product is the sales velocity, which is measured by the click-through rate and the conversion rate. When launching a new product, expect to either break even or accept losses. This is a common factor that plays into the release and launch when using e-commerce marketing. 

Step 1: Get the Buzz of your Product Started Ahead of the Launch

When you are launching a new product, you are going to want to build a relationship with your target audience through figuring out what ways captivate them and will want them to interact with your postings, or feel at least some interest in your product. 

You can do things such as:

  • Write a blog post about the product that will interest your audience to make them want to know more about the product
  • Use social media to spread the word to potential buyers. Create a specific hashtag for your product and use it in each posting up to the launch, and even after. 
  • Make sure you are posting frequently. Use correct grammar, but don’t make your postings sound like a grandma wrote it. Make it sound fun and exciting- like it is something they wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Step 2: Develop an offer that customers won’t be able to say no to

Reducing the price of your product is always going to be the easiest way to create an increase in demand for the product. 

Try doing this:

  • Giveaways: they allow you to offer and market your product to customers or your target audience and help make the customer feel like they are included in the interaction. 
  • Develop exclusive discount codes to only customers on your email list: by doing this, you are having customers sign up for a subscription which gives you more exposure but also allows the customer to feel like they are getting a deal first and inclines them more to purchase your product

Step 3: Have a Product Listing that will blow customers away

By setting a launch date, you can use the time in between to do the following:

  • Take hi-res photos to use for your product when listing it to Amazon
  • You’ll also want to write a description that is informative yet fun
  • Keep it short and sweet, but give detail

Step 4: Launch 

You have almost made it to the finish line. It is now time to launch your product and watch as the thing you poured all your time and energy into over the past few months takes off and becomes a hit with customers all over the world!