Many business owners have experienced the dismay of Googling a keyword relevant to their business, only to be met with a display of search results with their business nowhere to be found on the page. In today’s digital age, it’s all about web traffic, and a website’s Google ranking can truly make or break a business. There can be many reasons for a website not showing up in Google search. Below we’ll outline how to improve your rankings and make sure your site shows up!

How to Improve Website Rankings

Below are some easy tips for improving rankings if you have a website not showing up in Google search:

1. Index Your Website

Make sure your site is free of any “no index” tags that would prevent Google bots from crawling your page. On WordPress, sites are frequently on default settings that prevent search engines from indexing pages. You’ll want to go in and manually toggle these settings off. Also, keep in mind that indexing takes time. This means that it can take a few weeks for newer websites to appear in Google results.

2. Address Google Penalties

When your site doesn’t meet their guidelines, Google can completely remove your domain from search results (“Deindexing”), make it impossible to find your page via direct search (“Penalizing”), or sharply decrease your traffic (“Sandboxing”). Check your Google Search Console to make sure none of these penalties are in play, and rectify any existing ones by modifying your site accordingly.

3. Optimize Your SEO

Strong SEO helps to ensure your website has high Google rankings. If you don’t have qualified personnel in-house, it’s important to use the SEO services of a qualified agency to help.

4. Include Great Content

Content is king! It’s important to provide dynamic content on your site that gives visitors comprehensive information relevant to their potential searches. If your website lacks content (or strong copy), it can be helpful to partner with a full-service digital marketing agency for help.

5. Strategically Select Your Keywords

An overly ambitious keyword strategy can also be responsible for a website not showing up in Google search. Focusing your keyword selection on long-tail, two- or three-word key phrases can be beneficial—especially for smaller businesses with limited financial resources.

6. Optimize UX

User experience matters. Making sure that your page loads quickly and is easy to navigate can go a long way with improving your Google rankings.

Improve Your Rankings with the SEO Services of CloudMellow

At CloudMellow, we know that having your site show up on Google is key to your business’s success. We build custom websites that feature beautiful design, intuitive user experience, and skilled search engine optimization. We take a client-centric approach to site development, enabling us to deliver the website you have envisioned that also brings in maximum leads for your business. If you have a website not showing up in Google search, and would like to discover more about our SEO services, contact us today!