Local search engine optimization is crucial for businesses looking to drive local leads. When optimizing for search, it’s essential to consider local SEO ranking factors to gain the best results for your business. Below we’ll examine some critical local SEO ranking factors you should consider when developing your digital marketing plan.

1. Accurate Google Business Profile

It’s vital to review the contact details listed in your Google Business profile. Potential customers want to visit businesses with accurate information, and so checking your profile to make sure your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) and hours of operation are correct can go a long way to attracting local first-time leads.  The NAP you list on your Google Business profile should also match what you use on all other directories.

2. Proximity

Proximity is perhaps one of the most crucial local SEO ranking factors to consider. Because local users want to visit businesses that are in their area, Google provides results that are within the geographical proximity of those users. You must integrate local keywords (such as “Orlando, FL” or “Boston”) into your web content so that your business will appear in more local search results.

3. Reviews

Customer reviews matter and are often the first thing that potential local customers check before deciding to patronize your business. Because Google will increase search ranks for companies with more reviews, earning more reviews (particularly positive ones) can go a long way towards improving your local leads.

4. Mobile Friendliness

Is your website mobile friendly for potential customers who want to look you up on the go? Incorporating a responsive design is one of the key local ranking factors that are often overlooked. Making sure that your site is configured to deliver a positive mobile user experience will go along way to ensuring Google gives your business priority on its search engine.

5. Keyword Usage

To appear in search results with local leads that are interested in your business, you must choose the right keywords. Using specific, long-tailed keywords in your web copy is a sure way to drive more local leads.

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