Social media is now regarded by most businesses as a one-stop-shop for everything, as it now serves as much more than an avenue for basic communications. Social media platforms now function as morning newspapers, billboards, customer service lines, and above all, virtual shops. This makes social media marketing paramount to every brand’s marketing strategy.

More than any other marketing channel, however, success with social media includes having an in-depth understanding of your target audience. In the event of marketing to the Gen Z demographic, if you don’t use the right approach, your social media efforts will definitely miss the mark. Understanding this large audience is crucial to your brand’s success, so here’s everything you need to know:

1. Social Media as a Way of Life

More than any other generation, Gen Z members are mobile users. They are also not tied exclusively to any one social media platform, and instead check in on several different platforms over the course of a day. Most Gen Z users also spend multiple hours per day on social media, making social media marketing a critical component of your brand’s efforts to reach this demographic. Gen Z users are also highly engaged, sharing various tweets about their days and Stories on Instagram for their followers to see. They also turn to Facebook as a source for news and other information.

As you create your social media marketing strategy, remember that when marketing to users who spend this much time on social media, it’s essential that you cut above the noise in order to be noticed. Your competitors are also vying for your target audience’s attention, and with the vast amount of content Gen Z users are constantly exposed to, you need to you ensure that your messages connect.

2. More Screen-Time, More Screens

Members of Gen Z were born into this era of technology. They’ve likely grown up in the realm of video and computer games, prompting them to easily integrate into the vast world of the internet at a young age. As such, they’ve built a multi-screen capacity, allowing them to watch their favorite shows on their laptops, while simultaneously scrolling through local business posts on Instagram.

Although their attention span may be divided between their devices, converting them into a pool of interested customers has never been easier. You only need to understand how your social media management plans and other efforts can be tailored accordingly, especially towards their preferences. The key here is innovation and patience—the rest will follow.

3. Friends Are Trusted Sources

Given their constant access to information, Gen Z members are cautious. Some even lack trust in large institutions or brands. While this may seem to thwart your social media marketing plan, antidotes exist. You can earn your target market’s trust by embracing transparency and engagement, especially when it comes to advice, help, and entertainment. Gen Z users scour the vast cyberspace for answers, so make sure to bring value into their lives with your content. They’ll be compelled to spend more time getting to know you, appreciating that you made the effort to reach out.

Gen Z users are also very open to advertisements, as long as products and services come with reviews and testimonials. Remember—Gen Z users trust their friends better than anyone else, so harness the power of word of mouth. By adapting your strategy accordingly, you’ll be able to gain their trust and win over new customers.

Gaining New Gen Z Customers

Marketing to Gen Z can be daunting, reminiscent of the elusive nature of the previous generation of Millennials. However, Generation Z is a rapidly growing group, and has spending power worth catering to. They come with rapidly-changing behaviors and tastes, and are passionate about their values.

By getting to know them, however, you bring forth a truly valuable investment that your company can benefit from in the long run. Making meaningful connections can prove to be difficult, but successful relationships mean irreplaceable value to your brand’s future.

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