Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be overwhelming when you first learn about it, especially if you are just starting in the digital marketing world. There are so many factors that contribute toward deciding how a page ranks when someone makes an inquiry on a search engine. Having the appropriate keywords is the first step to achieving good SEO. But, what are they, and what role do they play in SEO?


What is a Keyword?


A keyword is a term that people search for in a search engine. These words describe your website, your services, or anything else about your company or brand. Relevant keywords should be used a few times throughout your website so SEO algorithms can register your page under them, showing your site to people when they search. However, it is essential not to overuse keywords. Because these words are supposed to be unique, including them too frequently causes Google’s SEO algorithm not to register them. The sweet spot of the number of times you want to use a keyword is about 2-3 times. 


Keywords and Digital Marketing


Understanding how keywords work is a massive part of digital marketing. The higher your page ranks on a search engine, the more likely it is for potential customers to visit your link. Some factors that determine how your website ranks among others are keywords, how you use them, and where they are located on the page. When marketing your brand online, you should consider the types of searches you want your website to be related to and use those keywords throughout your page(s).


How to Properly Use Keywords


The location of a keyword can hold a significant impact on how Google ranks it. The best places to include keywords are headings, subheadings, the title of the page, and the URL slug. A URL slug is a term that is included after the backslash after “.com/.” It is also essential not to overuse keywords because when Google is ranking the page, it will see those words as having the same significance as other frequently used words like “the” and “and.”


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