Your website is the first impression that your audience is getting from your brand. It sets the tone on how your customers and clients will interact with you and how you provide your service.

The importance of website redesign cannot be overstated. Keeping up with the current styles and trends of digital marketing can make or break your company. We at CloudMellow want to educate you on updating and redesigning your website.

1. Confusing Organization and Navigation

Accessing a site needs to be streamlined, and the interaction must be smooth. If your audience is struggling to find any information on your webpages, website redesign is crucial to your success. You can’t lose leads to your competition because of poor navigation.

When you test your website for navigation, and it is difficult to find information, it’s time to categorize your webpages in a new way. Creating a series of tabs on your website that encapsulate each section of what you offer enables your customers to stay invested on your site.

2. Your Site Doesn’t Reflect Your Updated Brand

Your brand makes a difference when you are showing the world who you are as a company. Brand updating can ensure that you aren’t stuck in the past—but you must redesign your website to match. Your site should be a proud reflection of your business, and updating your brand is the perfect time to modernize your website as well.

3. High Bounce Rate

The amount of traffic your website receives doesn’t matter if users aren’t staying on your site. Your site is the first thing your clients see when dealing with your business, and if the design doesn’t flow, they won’t want to stay. A modern and up-to-date web design could reduce bounce rate and ensure that your traffic is turned into leads for your business.

4. Slow Site Load Speed

Because of the speed of the internet, users have come to have a low tolerance for sites that load slowly. We want access to information quickly and easily, and website redesign can make the difference. It is good for speed and to ensure that your clients enjoy spending time on your website.

Several issues can slow your website down, ranging from image optimization to video hosting. By optimizing the images from the start and hosting videos on third-party sites, you can improve the performance of your website.

5. Lack of Responsiveness

The mobile experience is one of the most critical aspects of online marketing. Most users are accessing information through smartphones and tablets. It is vital to understand that the layout of your mobile site needs to be different than your desktop.

Responsive design is the answer to this growing problem with websites. When going through a website redesign, responsive design will adapt your site to any device a user is using.

6. Lack of Micro-Experiences

If a website has no real experiences for the user, they will lose interest and move on to a competitor’s website. These animations, sounds, buttons, or movements engage your audience, and without them, your website needs a redesign. A small noise or notification button can make all the difference.

Complete Website Redesign Services

Website redesign is vital to the success of your company or business. CloudMellow offers a suite of services that can help build or update your website from the ground up. With a more modernized and streamlined design, your audience will grow, and the company will thrive. Contact us for a consultation today.