Today, video is more than just a medium for content—it has become a useful marketing tool. According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers would like to see video materials from brands they support.

This receptiveness, however, does not extend to pre-roll ads. In a survey by ORC International, 90% of their 1,015 adult respondents skip pre-roll video advertisements. In another study by IPG, 65% of respondents reported skipping video ads, with 76% of those who skipped ads saying that they did so automatically. Let’s take a closer look at this medium and why digital marketing services include it in their toolbox.

The Reasons People Skip Pre-Roll Ads

People might refuse to view an advertisement for many reasons, but they all boil down to alignment with tastes. For instance, people shy away from advertisements with fake emotions and stock-like footage. If your pre-roll ads are over-the-top happy or cheesy, it may turn viewers off, causing them to skip the ad outright.

Also annoying are ads that introduce the brand too early. If you lead with your brand name, it will make you look pushy, which is the last thing you want. Keep your ads short and time your introductions well.

Finally, consumers appreciate ads that are easy to understand. Ads provide a reprieve for people watching films or TV shows—many people do not like the idea of straining to understand ads during these commercial breaks. Also, avoid using plenty of creative hooks that other companies don’t. Your viewers might be disappointed to learn that the whimsical five-minute clip they watched is “only” an advertisement. Consult the experts at a digital marketing agency to get the right balance for your ad.

How Do You Keep People Interested in Your Ads?

Knowing all of these, you might find it challenging to brainstorm concepts. People want something that does not introduce the brand outright, but they would rather see you stick to conventional storytelling. They want you to capture their interest but stay away from stock footage of happy people. It can be unclear, so here are a few tips that would help you create more engaging pre-roll ads.

The first thing you could do is personalize your ads. Get consumers interested by making your ads about them. When you have a range of tools to help you understand your target market, it’s easy to zero in on the topics and causes that matter to them.

Celebrate authenticity in your ads as well. Make your content “real” by discussing things that your target market wants to know about—don’t shy away from discussing challenges or controversies.

Finally, keep people hooked by telling a good story. Your ads should have a beginning, middle, and end, no matter how short, and they should solve an issue or give an answer to a question posed at the start of the ad. You don’t need to state these issues or questions outright, but you need to answer them.

Anyone who spends time watching or reading narratives can tell if something is “off” about how you present your story, even if they won’t be able to explain it. If your team cannot get past this hurdle, digital marketing services can help you conceptualize a good story.

Work with a PPC Advertising Company

Pre-roll ads are a great way to get people interested in your brand. When you use video successfully, you can transition people into taking action shortly after watching your clip. Whether your call to action asks people to sign up for an email list, visit your website, or check out your store in person, a PPC advertising company can help you make the best video ads.

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