Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is an effective method to grow your brand’s online presence while still having a manageable budget for your advertising efforts. However, utilizing paid search advertising to your advantage can be tricky. PPC marketing’s success isn’t always about investing more money in your accounts. Sometimes, it’s the simplest choices that make or break your digital marketing campaigns.

Finding Success in PPC Marketing by Being Mindful of Mistakes

Understandably, most beginner marketers want to focus on following guidelines for success in line with their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Even simply looking at your digital marketing campaign’s potential positives can cause you to have tunnel vision on your goals. This can lead to you losing sight of your true advertising efforts.

If you want to be successful in PPC campaigns, here are three marketing mistakes you should avoid:

1. Having Tunnel Vision With Your Analytics

Data-driven decisions are determining how businesses are making crucial changes in their operations. It applies to anything from choosing the right vendor to making the right paid search advertising marketing strategy. It’s important to be mindful about what analytics you’ll focus on. An example of this could be vanity metrics, like cost-per-lead (CPL). Although CPL is a viable indicator of a campaign’s impact, it’s not an objective measure of success.

Numerous Google Ad campaigns have excellent click-through-rates and CPL that end up not providing the right results. Instead of focusing on these statistics, put your attention to lead-to-opportunity and cost-per-opportunity ratios. Doing so will give you a more realistic view of how your ads can generate and secure leads.

2. Attempting to Cover Too Many Keywords

Keyword strategy is the core of content marketing and PPC marketing. Knowing what your online consumers will most likely enter through search engines is necessary to grow your business’s marketing efforts. The more keywords you cover, the broader your reach will be. Keep in mind there’s also a danger in spreading yourself too thin with paid search advertising.

Studies have shown that PPC campaigns produce most of their ROI from just 6% of their keywords. Additionally, around 94% of these unprofitable keywords cover 76% of an accounts’ marketing budget. You can easily resolve this issue by prioritizing your high intent keywords. By focusing on what people will use when actively searching your service, you’ll have less broad match types that in turn generate the highest click volume.

3. Riding Trends by Ad Copycatting

Now and then, you’ll see brands in similar sectors deliver the same ad copies following another’s success. This creates the unintended effect of producing similar-sounding advertising campaigns to ride the trend. Following this copy-pasted format will bring more harm than good to your brand in the long-term. This is why your paid search advertising campaigns must stand out from current trends.

Don’t force your ad copies to fit your landing pages. Instead, they should flow seamlessly in your sales funnel.

Put Your Trust in PPC Marketing Experts

A common reason why business owners have trouble with their PPC campaigns is that they don’t invest in digital media services from a paid search agency. It’s not a matter of leaving someone else to do your work—it’s about having professionals who are familiar with the medium you’re using to send a message. By putting your trust in PPC marketing experts, you’ll have a professional second opinion on how to create, assess, and revise your advertising efforts.

Invest in a Paid Search Agency

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