Customers are one of the essential elements for every business. Without them, a business wouldn’t have any sales or profits.

If there’s one thing that a business owner would never wish upon anyone, it’s the loss of customers. It’s unfortunate that not every lead is engaged and has the potential to become a customer. In the same way, some customers make a purchase and seem to enjoy the product, yet never purchase again. This category is often made up of inactive customers—customers who avoid engagement, and never consider a repeat purchase.

For small- to medium-sized business owners, lapsed customers means having to increase lead generation efforts through digital marketing services while still trying to lure old customers back. You may be able to drum up some repeat sales, but letting these customers lapse in the first place means you’re spending additional resources to get them back!

The best way to avoid this added expense is to make sure that customers stay loyal to your business by all means possible. If you need suggestions on how to improve your customer traction, here are some tactics we recommend:

1. Gather Customer Information

If you don’t know the people you’re trying to sell to, growing your business and expanding your brand’s reach will be a never-ending challenge. Contact details are key players in ensuring that you have a strong engagement with your customers. When you have their email addresses, mobile numbers, and even a list of related products or services they may be interested in, you’ll know the best way to approach them again.

2. Utilize RFM Analysis

RFM stands for recency, frequency, and monetary value. RFM analysis refers to the data-driven analysis of customer behavior. With it, you segment customers based on the following criteria:

  • The date of their last purchase
  • How often they purchase in the past
  • Their overall spending.

With RFM analysis, you’ll better understand the groups of people you’re talking to. It also enables you to develop a more personalized and compelling digital marketing strategy for each segment, ensuring communication effectiveness.

3. Maximize Your Email Marketing

Email is a great platform to be more personal with your customers. It allows business people to have a long-form and intimate kind of engagement with their readers. If you learn how to take advantage of this platform, you can develop messages that sound compelling to your audience. With content that’s engaging and personal, you have a bigger chance of capturing the attention of leads. By working with digital marketing services that can help you make sending emails a routine, you’ll develop a strong community of followers that can help your business grow.

4. Activate Your Campaigns Via SMS Alerts

Campaigns are effective ways to regain customers’ attention, but they mean nothing if they aren’t reaching the right people. One of the most effective ways to capture your customers’ attention is by reaching them on their mobile phones.

When people receive an email alert, they may notice, but there’s a huge chance that they don’t even check the message and just redirect it to their junk inboxes instead. SMS is an entirely different story. When people receive message alerts, they open and read them, regardless of who sent them. In fact, SMS marketing has a 99 % open rate, and 9 out of 10 people who receive an alert make sure that they read through the message within 30 minutes.

If you want to entice them about an exclusive sale, promo, or offer, try this tactic and see how it works for you!

The Key to Successfully Regaining Customers

Knowing your business’s weaknesses and addressing them is the best way to regain your customers’ support. Only after you’ve addressed their concerns can you apply the rest of the tactics enumerated here. Make sure to highlight any improvements your business has made to gain the attention and support of more potential customers.

Digital Marketing Services by Cloudmellow

Besides focusing on your customers, other online marketing tactics can also help you improve your business performance. Digital marketing services—such as SEO services and paid search advertising—can do wonders for your business. Call or contact us today and get a free digital audit!