If you notice that your contact forms aren’t producing the conversion rates that you want, it may be time for a conversion form overhaul. Having a streamlined, intuitive design may be all you need to increase website conversions and gain the leads you want. Below, we’ll outline some strategic tips for designing contact forms that convert.

1. User-Friendly Layout

No one wants to fill out a contact form that is cumbersome to navigate. Make sure your forms have clear formatting and are laid out in a way that’s organized so that users will feel that it’s approachable. Keep the copy concise, questions simple, and don’t make forms longer than they need to be. The easier your form appears to fill out, the more likely a user is to complete and submit one.

2. Strategically Position

Where you place your form matters. Keeping your forms above the fold makes it less likely that a user will overlook them.

3. Limit the Number of Fields

No one wants to complete a form with 25 fields—users will become immediately impatient and be more liable to turn to a competitor with an easier method of contact. If you want to increase website conversions through your contact forms, limit the number of fields. Stick to a few simple questions—first and last name, email, and phone numbers for example—with the knowledge that you always have the option of asking for additional information later.

4. Ease of Information

If your form requires a field that necessitates a lengthier or in-depth answer, save it for last. Users will already feel “invested” if they have taken the time to complete a portion of the form and will be less likely to abandon it when it comes time to enter more elaborate information.

5. Allow for Autofill

When it comes to completing forms, the easier, the better. Most users allow their browsers to store personal information, and they will appreciate being able to skip the monotony of having to enter their name and email address for example.

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