When dealing with multiple social media platforms, it is essential to make a connection with your clients and your customers. A social media calendar allows your company to maintain posts across multiple social media accounts.

Posts on social media should be organized and scheduled in a way that benefits your company. The calendar not only cuts down on your planning time but helps you schedule and create your posts around specific events. By knowing how to create a social media calendar, your platforms will bring in more traffic and connect more effectively with your clients.

1. Knowing Which Platforms Work

In some cases, companies decide to post on every platform without doing any research. Posting just for the sake of it doesn’t help your business. Certain social media platforms do not work well for specific posts and audiences. By evaluating the different platforms, you can determine which ones are worth using.

2. Identify Your Audience

After figuring out which platforms perform well for your company, the next step is figuring out your audience across every form of social media. Start by determining the demographics of the people interacting with your posts and understand what they like. This is the start of your social media calendar.

3. Understand Your Competition

Understanding what your competitors are posting and how often is vital to your social media success. It can be helpful comparing the strategies they use to yours. Look at details such as how often they post and what content is getting the most shares and interaction. You aren’t trying to copy their content but understand a useful method that works for engagement.

4. Find Your Content and Organize It

Creating a collection of different content that you can share and post on your social media allows you to stay a step ahead. Finding resources for information and organizing them into categories for time sensitive and evergreen posts creates a series of posts that you can post immediately.

While you are reposting articles and sharing videos, do not forget to include your website content to increase your website traffic. Keep in mind that some posts work much better on different platforms. That is where your social media calendar comes in to play by organizing by date which posts are going where.

5. Create Your Calendar

Finally, it is time to create your social media calendar. Keeping the design simple and straightforward will allow you to organize and use the calendar in a more efficient way. After going through each platform that your company uses, either utilize a scheduling tool or set reminders on when and what to post each day.

Complete Social Media Services

Creating a calendar for social media can seem daunting when you first encounter it. With CloudMellow, we take away the stress of organizing and creating content. Our social media marketing team schedules out all your social media posts over every platform and ensures that the content works with your message and connects your audience. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.