Businesses across all sectors have different needs, and therefore different goals, for their websites. No matter how your business uses its website, it’s safe to say that the primary purpose for most companies is the same: to increase site traffic, and then leverage that traffic to create more growth and profit for your business. However, generating website leads is easier said than done, and we’re the first to admit that the methods for doing so can be complicated at best, or ineffective at worst.

1. Include a Phone Number

For some businesses, this step may seem obvious, and for others, it may seem counter-intuitive—but including your phone number on your website is essential for generating leads. For brick and mortar businesses, adding a phone number on your site is an obvious necessity, as it offers a direct line of communication between customers and your physical location. However, for online businesses that lack a physical place of business, listing a phone number may seem like an unnecessary extra step—but it’s still essential. No matter what type of business you are, adding a phone number to your site makes your business appear reliable and ready to offer support should your customers need it. It is a great way to increase consumer confidence, and can influence a visitor’s decision to become a paying customer.

2. Put Forms on Every Page

Forms are one of the most important ways to generate leads on your website, which is why it’s important to have one on every page of your site. The more accessible you make your forms, the more likely a visitor is to fill one out.

3. Keep Your Site Clutter-Free

Your website’s overall design appearance might appear to have little to do with generating leads, but the truth is, offering an aesthetically pleasing design that is unique but also easy to navigate and clutter-free goes a long way to winning over potential customers. These sorts of clutter-free designs minimize distractions and help keep visitors focused and engaged with your message.

4. Use Videos for Storytelling

When it comes to content, video has tremendous power to generate website leads. Videos can provoke emotion and engagement from your visitor like no other medium. Not only is it a great place to include brand storytelling, but research has shown that viewers of a product video were more likely to convert to customers when compared to those simply viewing a product ad.

5. Include Testimonials and Reviews

Featuring customer testimonials that include photos are a great way to not only help humanize your brand but also build trust with visitors. After all, the more a visitor trusts your brand, the more likely they are to convert to a paying customer.

Generate Leads with a Website by CloudMellow

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