In today’s society, billions of people have a Facebook account or have at least heard of the ever-changing social media platform. It allows you to connect with family, friends, and people worldwide. You can also watch trending videos, participate in local Facebook groups, and so much more. Facebook has grown tremendously since its launch in 2004, coming out with messenger, marketplace, news, events, and gaming. That’s not all. Facebook has now added Facebook WiFi to help businesses and consumers access free, secure, and simple WiFi.

What is Facebook WiFi?

The WiFi is protected, secure, and allows people to access free wifi using their Facebook credentials. Specifically, it’s software by Facebook that is installed on WiFi routers. It’s an excellent way for businesses to provide free incentives for their customers without all the hassle. Customers must check in or interact with your business’s Facebook page if they want access. A win for you and a win for your customers. What’s better than that? 

Why use Facebook Wifi?

It’s a fun way for companies or businesses to provide free and simple wifi to their customers. Even though they could set up a guest network using their own router, it puts them out in the open for safety risk and being potentially hacked. It also brings the inconvenience of having customers type in a lengthy password. People want instant gratification and that’s why Facebook is a more efficient option. 

When companies choose to have their customers use Facebook WiFi, it also helps them get their brand presence out there. For their customers to use the WiFi, they must check-in at the company’s Facebook page. This alerts a whole new set of followers. Bam, thanks to a few simple steps, you’ve now connected to a new demographic. When a company uses that WiFi, it’ll be listed on Facebook’s WiFi Directory. What can we say? We told you social media is powerful!

Another pro to using their wifi is that the set-up process is user-friendly. There are directions and even free videos on Youtube that give you a step-by-step process. It only takes about 20 minutes, if that. 

How Do Customers Use Facebook WiFi? 

If you are thinking about getting Facebook WiFi for your business or already have it, it’s a good idea to know how to use it from the customer’s point of view in case any questions or concerns pop up. The faster you answer your customers, the happier they will be. And more likely to revisit you soon. It’s a straightforward process for the customer:

  • Log into
  • Tap at the top of Facebook.
  • Tap “Find WiFi,” and they should see the list of businesses near that offer their WiFi.

They need to select the business, and they now should be connected to free wifi without having to type in a lengthy, confusing password. 


As we all know, social media has become incredibly prevalent in today’s society. Most people have at least one form of social media and use it every day. Thousands of people use it multiple times a day. Social media is how people communicate, connect, stay updated on the news, and even get work done. With us at Cloudmellow, we specialize in digital marketing with our proven services to help you thrive and grow. Get in touch with us today and get your free analysis.