Most business owners have heard of the term ‘digital marketing,’ but many are lost on how to get started using it for the growth and benefit of their business. To help you get you up and running, we’ll discuss the types of digital marketing, and offer insights into why it is essential to use them for your business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to any means of marketing for a product or service that uses digital methods. This includes the Internet, but also includes mobile devices, display advertising, or any other digital channel or medium. The term ‘digital marketing’ covers a wide range of marketing activities, each offering a scalable and cost-effective way for businesses of varying sizes and resources to compete on a level playing field in today’s digital age.

Digital Marketing Types

Each business is unique, and the types of digital marketing your company chooses will largely depend on your goals, industry, and financial resources. There are multiple channels available, but  we’ve listed the most common ones you should know about:

1. Paid Search (PPC)

PPC is a non-traditional form of advertising on search engines. Purchased ads are primarily targeted to potential customers, being displayed in response to user queries that feature your targeted keyword. This form of advertising is personalized, targeting users that are likely in your niche audience.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most important types of digital marketing, not only for online retailers and service providers, but also for local businesses. SEO allows your business to understand how consumers are searching for your brand, and provides insight into what they need. SEO is like casting a “net” into an “ocean” of web users. You create content on your website that helps your web pages rank for specific keywords. When there’s a match between the keywords used on your site and those input by a user into the search field—your web page is displayed in the search results, and traffic is generated. For example, you may optimize a product page for vitamins and supplements to rank for the keyword, “dietary supplements for energy.”

3. Email Marketing

Of all the digital marketing types, email is the fastest way to directly reach consumers with valuable information about your products and services. Launching strategic email campaigns that are engaging, informative, and entertaining is an important tool for creating engagement and generating traffic to your site.

4. Social Media Marketing

The trend for social media use among businesses is on the rise. According to Hootsuite Social Media Barometer international benchmark research, 53% of businesses use social media advertising, and social media ad spend in 2019 is expected to be nearly $93 billion. Optimizing your use of social media marketing not only offers businesses a valuable opportunity to engage with their audience but also generate visibility and traffic to their website or even brick and mortar location.

Experts in All Types of Digital Marketing

There are many digital marketing types, but choosing the best ones for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. CloudMellow can help. Our experts take a client-centric approach to creating the digital marketing strategy that your business needs. To discover more about our services, contact us today!