In the past, industry professionals and marketers didn’t recognize the importance of a critical pairing that could change the way they approach their marketing strategy. Thankfully, many realize that advertising and data go hand-in-hand in creating compelling approaches that help businesses thrive.

Unfortunately, even with this new development, many continue to lag in incorporating data-driven advertising to get the business results they want to achieve. Those who utilize data-driven advertising, however, use programmatic advertising. This type of advertising uses data to segment a market, so the advertiser will only have to pay for ads shown to the right people.

While programmatic advertising, ad-buying, placement, and optimization have become more efficient, there’s still room for improvement. Remember, you can still use this type of advertising; you just need to focus on the data more.

Fortunately, a reliable creative agency like CloudMellow will help you develop sustainable and effective approaches that utilize data to enrich your strategies. In this article, you’ll learn how to create effective campaigns for a brand’s development using the data you gathered as a basis. Let’s get to it!

What Are the Different Types of Data You Can Use?

Data comes in many different forms, and the types that you gather can help you make different decisions:

• Behavioral Data

If you want to learn your user’s web browsing behavior, behavioral data is what you should start to collect. You can begin collecting this type of data by placing cookies in your user’s website browser.

• Contextual Data

If you’re curious about the content that your user views, collecting contextual data is a great way to understand the type of messaging your consumers are attracted to. This is most effective for when you need to bring your message across and create effective content.

A digital agency, like CloudMellow, can analyze your demographic data and ensure you’re creating relevant content that your market will take.

• Psychographic Data

If you want to know your consumers’ personalities, values, beliefs, lifestyle, and interests, you’ll need to collect psychographic data. This information will inform you on what makes your audience tick and what motivates them to make a purchase.

• Demographic Data

Depending on your market’s age, gender, income, and other characteristics, several strategies will do better for your market.

• Geographic Data

Lastly, similar to demographic data, geographic data gives information of where your ideal customers are located. With this type of data, you’ll be able to create specific content prioritizing local sensibilities.

Different Data-Driven Approaches

If you want to create strong, data-driven content, work with a creative agency whose reasoning is based on data and creativity. This will help you create ad strategies that aim to help you achieve business goals efficiently. Here are some approaches to take:

• Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic creative optimization or (DCO) is used for huge direct response campaigns because it can pull content-based data through impressions. This is particularly attractive to marketers who require high impression numbers for their campaigns.

• Creative Management Platform

A creative management platform or CMP uses manual and automated features to create a high volume of variable static and dynamic creatives. CMP is more focused on creatives, production, and ad operations teams who want to develop speed and competency in creating data-driven creatives.

• Split Testing

When you want to get maximum gain out of your team, split testing or A/B testing is a fantastic tool you can use. This type of data shows which creatives received the best engagement for customers. The “winning” approach will be used in a campaign with a much larger customer base.

Helping Your Digital Marketing Efforts Thrive

Gone are the days where marketers separate advertising and data. Now, many realize the power of their marketing efforts when analyzing collected data to spot areas where they can improve.

With the help of a reliable agency, you’ll be able to maximize the data your business has collected and formulate approaches that will help you lead in the digital marketplace.

How Can We Help?

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