Technical SEO, which involves website and server optimization that helps search engine crawlers index your site effectively, is an integral part of digital marketing. Understanding algorithms in SEO will help you understand the importance of the technical tasks you should be doing. These tasks can aid in ensuring the security and structure of your site, as well as your ranking in a search engine. Here are a few things you should do to help your business grow. 


1. Ensuring Your Website is Mobile Friendly


Google and other search engines aren’t the only way internet users get their information anymore. Because more people rely on their smartphones to use the internet, making sure your page is mobile-friendly is incredibly important. A “responsive” website design is ideal because it can automatically adjust to be easily navigated on any device. In making your website mobile-friendly, you make it increasingly and instantly accessible for users globally. 


2. Addressing Duplicate Content


Duplicating content on your website can negatively affect your technical SEO. Not only is it confusing for users, but it can also confuse search engines which may index your page lower. On the whole, neither will respond well to duplication. You can fix these issues by deleting existing repetitive content or using the “canonical link,” an element that lets search engines know where the main version of your content is.. 


3. Registering Your Site


Registering your site with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools is a simple, straightforward task that can enhance your technical SEO. These free tools from Google and Microsoft allow you to submit your website to them for indexing. The service’s main benefit is that it will enable you to keep an eye on your site’s general performance from a search engine perspective. By regularly monitoring your site’s performance, you can make adjustments accordingly. 


4. Optimizing Site Structure


If individual pages are not optimized, the entire website could struggle with getting search results or being crawled. A proper site design makes it easier for the user to follow through pages, creating a better web presence. When designing your website, you’ll want to keep in mind several things such as image size, user-friendliness, and content length. 


5. Putting Keywords In Headers


Keywords are a critical part of your SEO strategy. Keyword research can be simple, but placing them properly on your website content can be a little more nuanced. For example, the title, headers, URL, description, and content should be core keywords. If the keywords are used in all the things listed, your page will be better optimized– giving you better results.


Cloudmellow Digital Marketing Services 


There are many more than five technical SEO tasks that you can use to improve your site. Cloudmellow can do the work behind the scenes, so you don’t have to. We specialize in digital marketing and have years of experience with SEO. Get in touch with us today to build and grow your brand.