Plenty of businesses around the world now rely on e-commerce to take their sales to a whole new level. This doesn’t mean that every e-commerce site out there is going to do well, especially if those sites can’t keep up with current and ongoing trends. If your e-commerce site is struggling to convert your consumers, we have 4 design tips that will help you lift your conversion rate.

1. Keep Navigation Simple

Of all the many design trends you can stick to, the one that’s proven to work all the time is staying simple. In other words, be minimalistic. Past trends of using menus showcasing hundreds of different options won’t work today and frustrate consumers. Many modern internet users browse on small mobile devices so pairing an extensive menu on a small device is a recipe for disaster.

At CloudMellow, we’re used to evaluating the UX/UI experience as part of a complete e-commerce website design and have a few guidelines we recommend following. Ensure that your lists, drop-downs, and other website features are logically organized. If you have a ton of pages on your website, build your menus with simple categories for items. Once a user clicks through, you can open up more options that relate to the category. Remember—never overwhelm your users with options, or they will grow frustrated and leave.

2. Use High-Quality Photos (And plenty of them!)

Pictures play a huge role (possibly the most significant part) when it comes to attracting visitors to your products on your e-commerce site. Always pair your content with pictures, and ensure that these images are of the highest quality. This will capture your visitors’ attention and entice them to delve deeper into learning more about your products. You need to ensure that the photos are optimized for the web so that your website’s responsiveness and loading speed won’t be negatively affected by it.

3. Tell Your Brand’s Story

Customers love to do business with brands that have a history, a character, and a purpose for existing. They aren’t invested in organizations only pumping out products for the sole purpose of making money, but they are for companies that care for their customers. Utilize photos, videos, and text to tell your brand’s story, purpose, and perhaps how you’re out there working hard to satisfy your customers. That way, you build a relationship with your audience, attracting new ones, and creating loyal ones.

4. Simplify That Checkout Page!

Now that you’ve streamlined your navigation, created and optimized beautiful images to showcase your products and tell your heart-felt story – your consumer is ready to check out! Roughly 70% of your users will abandon their cart at this point and leave your store. The checkout process should be built in a way that streamlines the purchase process to combat cart abandonment. One of the easiest techniques to increase your conversions at the checkout process is to create a single page checkout. Single-page checkouts allow your user to immediately begin inputting their purchase information once they “Proceed to Checkout” from their cart by combining all important information needed to complete the purchase on to a single, optimized page. Simplifying this final step will minimize cart abandonment due to checkout fatigue and help you convert.

To make sure that your e-commerce site is up to date, simplify your navigation, utilize high-quality images and photos, tell your customers about your brand’s story, and keep your checkout process streamlined. If you find the process of updating your site to be overwhelming, working with a skilled e-commerce website design company like CloudMellow can simplify the process. In the end, updating your site will always be worth it. By doing so, you’ll put your e-commerce site on the right path to success, attracting new users, converting them into paying customers and retaining the ones that already love you for what you do.

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