Search Engine Optimization—to business owners, this might come off as a buzzword with an expiration date; and to others, it may come off an unwelcome expense. Regardless, SEO is here to stay, and it is definitely clear that it’s essential for any business’s success. At CloudMellow, we’re a digital marketing and web development agency with years of experience leveraging SEO-friendly web design to help our clients grow. We’ve put together some reasons why you should consider adding SEO-friendly design elements to your website, as well as 3 factors to focus on.

The Rise of Search Engines

As the world becomes increasingly digitally-dependent, it’s no secret that the internet has cozied itself into becoming an essential resource for most human beings. Through the use of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktops, the number of online users has grown larger than ever. That means more and more people continue to use search engines every day.

Leveraging SEO for Your Business

The humble search engine may seem like a simple portal to most people that can be used to learn about anything and everything. For smart-minded business owners, however, it is an opportunity to reach far and wide while earning profit unlike ever before. Through the use of SEO services by CloudMellow, you can take your business’s performance up a notch, and put it in the right places at the right times for unhampered conversions.

Getting Started with SEO-Friendly Web Design

With SEO becoming a staple component for modern marketing practices, website owners, business owners, and digital marketers must make their web design SEO-friendly. Fortunately, making your own website’s design as SEO-friendly as possible doesn’t entail having to go through an extensive overhaul or a costly coding rework. On the contrary, it can be done by taking a few simple, yet effective factors:

• Your Web Design Needs to Be Mobile-Friendly

With roughly 70% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it has become far more essential to ensure that your website is as mobile-friendly as possible. Thanks to the continuous and conscious effort that search engines, such as Google, have taken to emphasize on user-friendliness, websites that have user-friendly designs are rewarded with better rankings altogether. If you’ve been looking for an easy and effective way to scale the search result rankings as fast as possible, then it’s best to make the most out of mobile-friendliness as a ranking parameter and make your web design mobile-friendly!

• Your Web Design Needs to Be Easy to Understand

Speaking of user-friendliness as a vital ranking factor, another essential factor to consider when making your web design conducive for SEO is making it easy to understand from any standpoint. As user satisfaction continues to rank even higher on the various parameters used by search engines to rank websites, it has become even more essential to ensure that your website’s own design is easy to understand. CloudMellow’s web developers integrate UX/UI design into every site they build, and have found that by having your design elements into the right places, and fine-tuning the ease of your website’s own navigational flow, you can turn your design into a tool that can help your pages rank much better.

• Your Website Needs to Load Fast

It may seem quite a bit menial at first, but your website’s loading speed is another vital factor that can also make a significant difference in its SEO performance and ability to climb up search engine rankings. Given its significant influence on a website’s bounce rates, it should come as no surprise that your website’s own loading speed is one of the very factors you’ll need to improve if you want to rank effectively. By optimizing the photos, disposing of unwanted plugins, reducing file sizes, and allowing browser caching, you can help your website rank high in the SERPs.

SEO-Friendly Web Design by CloudMellow

Taking the time to work on key elements in your website’s design can help make a world of difference in the way it performs and how well it can rank high up the SERPs. By taking our tips into consideration, your website can draw in more traffic, convert more visitors, and rake in even more sales. CloudMellow is a digital marketing and web development agency with locations in Florida, Texas, and India. To start getting more traffic, conversions, and sales on your website, contact us today!