WordPress made its debut on the world wide web in May of 2003 and has continued to be a revolutionary platform in the world of digital content management ever since. From small businesses like your local Mom and Pop coffee shops to large corporations like CNN and even NASA, WordPress provides the fundamental tools and technology required to create a competent and successful website in today’s digital era, as well as equip web developers with the tools they need to manage relevant content on those websites. However, the full scope of WordPress’s tool belt and functionality remain a mystery to some users and developers, and here we will discuss 10 of WordPress.s awesome features that you probably didn’t know about.

Design Freedom & Templates

In the world of design and content creation, there are few things more frustrating than technical limits or restraints in the creative process due to limited functionality. More inferior web design platforms in the digital market are full of creative barriers or limited resources for design, but one of the coolest features of WordPress is its open-sourced Content Management System (CMS). Powered by PHP and MySQL databases, the WordPress CMS provides nearly unlimited creative design choices and freedom for its users in an organized and user-friendly fashion. While being tech-savvy is highly recommended when using WordPress, users will not be required to have a degree in web design in order to fully appreciate the tools at their disposal. 

Another excellent feature that is worth mentioning in the field of web design is the availability of WordPress’s menu of available templates. While having full control of the reins in regard to creative design, not every web project will require a user to “reinvent the wheel.” Some websites only need to be as simple or complex as others that came before it, and that is where templates come in handy. Using one of WordPress’s customizable templates can help you save a lot of time and money. All a user would need to do is select the most relevant template for their needs, and proceed to customize each section with the colors and language of their choice in the fields prompted. This allows for a smoother, more streamlined process that many average users can appreciate, and ultimately save some money during the early stages of launching a new business that does not fully rely on digital content. However, if online branding or content creation plays a major role in your business plan, then hiring a professional to design a compelling, high-functioning website through WordPress is highly recommended. 

Plug-In Architecture

Website plug-ins are among the highlights of available WordPress features. In a nutshell, plug-ins are pieces of software you can add to your website to give it additional features, functionality, or graphics without having to write all of that necessary code from scratch. Thanks to WordPress’s overall design, developers have access to over 45,000 plug-ins that can be applied to any web project using WordPress to maximize the overall look and functionality of the finished product. Not only are these plug-ins available and encouraged for use, WordPress’s PHP database also allows developers to customize plug-ins to fit their needs and design choices without having to pay any additional fees for new coding to make it work. 

Constantly Evolving Technology

One thing you can count on with WordPress content management is that your web content will never become obsolete. Technology is changing every day, and humanity continues to take massive strides in the world of digital content, and WordPress development takes necessary measures to remain up to speed with the latest cutting-edge technology. Many new innovations are added to the list of WordPress features on a regular basis, and the company does a phenomenal job at making sure all of its users and developers are informed about new design and security options. Many of the latest WordPress features include, but are not limited to:

  • Mobile Responsive Web Design – Having a website that is visible on mobile devices is non-negotiable for a business that wants to survive in the modern world. The majority of the world’s web surfing is now done with smartphones and tablets, and WordPress ensures that all web content created is mobile-friendly.
  • E-Commerce – WordPress began as a simple blogging platform, but now has evolved to offer users an efficient e-commerce platform as well. 
  • Testing and Feedback – User feedback is important, especially whenever developers are experimenting with new code, new plug-ins, or additional features. Not only is it important to make sure things are working as intended, but also to make sure the content being produced is relevant and appropriate. WordPress offers a user feedback option to help developers make necessary changes and correct any mistakes in their code.
  • Easily Change Visible Content – Adding or removing content, for any reason, should not always need to be a cumbersome task, and that is why WordPress allows developers to hide or make visible any content on the site with just a click of the mouse.
  • Widget Accessibility – Numerous accessibility features are now available on the WordPress platform and can now be applied to any widget to help users make use of them with greater ease.
  • Previews – Any changes or additions to the theme and design of your web content can be previewed and edited in WordPress BEFORE launching them on the live website. This provides developers with a valuable safety net to make sure everything looks right and avoids any damage to the existing site, or embarrassment among their user base.
  • Hidden Master Page – This feature is a hidden option by design because it is reserved only for those who are specially trained in code and web design. The average user who tampers with this page can inadvertently ruin an entire project, but for the trained professionals who know their way around code, this master page serves as a valuable and much-appreciated shortcut to make precise changes to the code of your posted content.

CloudMellow Digital Marketing

Having an attractive and highly-functional website is one of many ways to set your brand apart from the competition and stand out in today’s crowded digital marketplace. While platforms like WordPress offer free templates to cover the basic requirements of a website, professional web design services are worth their weight in gold. CloudMellow is a full-service digital marketing and technology company that specializes in web design and improvement, and our professionals have the tools and expertise needed to give your brand the unforgettable online presence it deserves. For more information, visit our website to view our list of available services, and get your free brand analysis today.